We design using the Scientific Method, which results in your needs a solution that is not only the most economic, but the most efficient, both in its construction and operation. Through this method, at least 20 ways to solve the problem are evaluated and the best option is found.

Industrial solutions

Instrumentation, Machining, Technological Equipment, 3D Shaping and general automation.

Engineering Services

Mechanized, Advising and accompaniments, Energy quality analysis, Automation, Machine design, Repowering of machinery, Maintenance.

Design and Modeling

We perform 3D modeling and simulation by software of custom engineering equipment and elements.

Investigation and development

We develop research and innovative developments seeking to improve the processes and quality of our customers.

Scientific Method

We analyze your needs to provide a solution that is not only the cheapest, but the most efficient.

Post Sale Support

We comply with a broad warranty in terms of equipment and designs.

Our skills and supports are always focused on meeting the needs of our customers. Providing products and services to various industries, design, construction and implementation of process automation systems, to meet emerging needs and inspire to facilitate arduous work with automation and control.

Mechatronics Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Mechanical Engineering


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Energy Quality


Know all aspects related to energy consumption



We monitor the variables of the processes and then transmit them, evaluate them and control them ...

Mechanical design


We develop partially or integrally Projects of Mechanical and Industrial Design

Root cause analysis


We determine the causes that cause undesired events and avoid the recurrence of the problem

Electronic design


We have a highly qualified electronic technical team, which allows us

PLC programming


We have extensive experience in software programming, control and visual solutions ...

Application Areas


We develop our activities mainly in industries:

· Chemical

· Food processors

· Pharmaceuticals and Biochemistry

· Oil and Gas

· Pulp and Paper

· Electricity generation

· Manufacturing

· Construction companies


Home automation and IoT services:

· Houses

· Apartments

Domotica, IoT, electrical engineering among others.

· Stores

· Hotels

How to quote?

Let us know your requirement through our email info@dshaytech.com or in our online chat.


Our engineering group will contact you to obtain the basic information to generate our commercial offer.

Once you agree with our commercial offer, we will assign the necessary resources for the execution of the service and you will receive the results of the analysis according to the times and scope finally approved.

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