What is it?

It is an industrial computerized control system that continuously monitors the status of input devices and makes decisions based on a customized program to control the state of the output devices.

Fields of application?

Due to this aspect, which may seem simple a priori and not so important, allows a monitoring of the operation from any computer in multiple locations, both within a factory and outside it.


  • They are advantageous for a factory thanks to its benefits similar to wired logic.


  • They have a simple elaboration, so no time is lost in the processes in relation to other less manageable instruments.


  • They do not require modification of electrical installations and wiring. In fact, the modifications are carried out in the same PLC.

  • Se fabrican con el uso de muy poco material.


  • Su coste es sensiblemente inferior a otros métodos más tradicionales.


  • El mantenimiento es extremadamente económico en relación a otros sistemas, por lo que la producción apenas tiene que ser parada.


We have extensive experience in software for programming, control and visual solutions such as:

Allen Bradley: 

  • RSLogix 5, RSLogix 500, RSLogix 5000 
  • RSView32, FT View ME, FT View SE, etc
  • RSNetworx to ControlNet y DeviceNet
  • FT Batch
  • RSEnergy Metrix


  • Step 7, TIA Portal


  • Drivers, flexible and expandable PLC's

  • I/O Input and Output Modules

  • Variadores de Frequencia


  • Arrancadores Suaves


  • Contactores



Monitores Digitales de Calidad de Energía
  • Pantallas


  • Dispositivos de seguridad y emergencia



Redes de control y comunicación industriales
  • DeviceNet


  • ControlNet


  • EthernetIP


  • Profibus


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